Jaden ^^ (kunoichi_jaden) wrote in kakaxyama,
Jaden ^^


...so. Chapter 317?

Time for "reading way too far into things to support your pairing!"

Kakashi knows that Yamato's real name is Tenzou. And they're totally on a first name basis, which means a lot in Japan.

Win. XD
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dude, they are totally screwing eachother. we know it. they are just shy little ho's. :D
O_O Yamato and Kakashi were in this chapter? .........ahahahahah! XD *joking!*
And we all know Yamato can handle his wood...hur hur hur. xD
I wonder how Iruka feels about this...
-joins community-
but it's not Japan! It's Konoha! And everyone and their mother is on first-name basis there. :D

but yes. TENZOUUUUU~
maybe it could be the "KakaTen" pairing?

Aurgh, but how would one distinguish that from Kakashi/Tenten... hmm.